Photos by Lynphil Shelties


We are just tickled that "Sara" has come to live with us. We love her showy attitude, moderate, well balanced body and excellent head structure. With "Sara's" fantastic pedigree, we foresee a very special future!

Many thanks to Crystal & Kim Wendling of "Lynphil Shelties"



      Am Ch Macdega Malibu ROM
    Am /Can Ch Twilight Tempo
      Lanbur Brae Carol Mariah
  Ch Willow Cove's It's Just A Rumor
      Am Ch Daval Resolute ROM
    Willow Cove's Replica
      Am Ch Willow Cove's Outrageous
      Am. Ch Macdega Tiburon ROM 
    Am Ch Macdega Sausalito ROM 
      Am Ch Sherando Mercedes
  Lynphil Covina
       Ch Willow Cove's It's Just A Rumor
    Ch Lynphil's Inspiration 
      Am/Can Ch Lynphil's Classy Lil Chassis ROMC